Help Treevitalize Our Community

The Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce started the tree sale programme in 1999.  In the intervening years, well over 8000 trees have been sold to residents in Mississippi Mills and surrounding communities.  The trees are purchased from an Ontario nursery who sell more than 700,000 trees annually. 

Thanks to the generosity of the Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce, Hub Hospice Palliative Care is carrying on the legacy of this greening initiative as a fundraiser to support home palliative care services.  With assistance from local horticultural experts Ed Lawrence, Ron Ayling and Allan Goddard, Hub Hospice is able to offer a selection of shade, flowering and fruit trees suitable for our area at very reasonable prices.

By buying a tree through the Trees for Hub Hospice campaign, you can beautify your property and the community, help the environment, and support your neighbours in need.  Trees sized up to 10 ft. tall are priced under $100 and include fertilizer and an informative planting seminar.  Cleaner air, cooler buildings, better water quality, reduced soil erosion, and increased property value are just a few of many great reasons to plant trees. 

For more information, please contact the Trees for Hub Hospice Campaign Team by email at [email protected]